Like needed is good, but giv’n unsought is ideal (step three

I know care’s an opponent to life (step one.step three.2-3) -Sir Toby’s comment on the fresh new foolishness of his niece, Olivia, dedicating this lady life to mourning for her dry sis.

I am going to confine me personally no better than I am (step one.step 3.10-11) -Sir Toby Belch, told to handle (“confine”) himself, responses with good pun, proclaiming that his dresses are fantastic enough to take in in.

I have them at my fingers’ ends (1.step three.78) -Maria, pressing Sir Andrew Aguecheek’s give, says one she’s got a whole lot of jests offered.

Methinks sometimes I have not laughs than just a Christian or a normal kid have (step 1.step three.83-84) -Sir Andrew Aguecheek worriedly reacts so you’re able to Sir Toby Belch’s review you to definitely Maria possess place your down (made bull crap at the Sir Andrew’s debts).

Can it be a scene to full cover up virtues inside? (1.step 3.131) -Sir Toby Belch prompts Sir Andrew Aguecheek in order to dancing by the advising him that he should display their efficiency (“virtues”).

And all is actually semblative good female’s region (step one.4.34) -Orsino, sending Cesario (Viola from inside the disguise) so you’re able to woo her Olivia, informs your (her) he (she) is extremely for example a woman, hence tend to be tempting than he would end up being.

Whoe’er We woo, me personally could be his spouse (1.cuatro.42) -Viola (inside disguise once the Cesario), that have guaranteed so you can woo the girl Olivia towards Orsino’s part, reflects on her hassle.

Of numerous a good dangling suppress an adverse wedding (step one.5.19) -The fresh Clown’s amusing reply to Maria’s threat that he is hung otherwise turned-out of the property.

we’ll draw the fresh new curtain and feature you the visualize (step one.5.231-232) -Viola agrees to help you lift their veil and show the lady face so you’re able to new determined son, Cesario (Viola within the disguise).

Build me personally an excellent willow cabin at your entrance (1.5.268) -Cesario (Viola when you look at the disguise) says just what however do in order to victory Olivia’s love.

never to getting good-sleep immediately after midnight is to be right up betimes (dos.3.1-2) -Sir Toby Belch’s kidding reason of becoming up and carousing every nights.

Was We maybe not consanguineous? have always been We not from this lady blood? (dos.step 3.77-78) -Sir Toby Belch’s declaration off their straight to carouse inside the niece’s home.

The guy will it that have a far greater grace, but I actually do they natural (dos.step 3.82-83) -Sir Andrew Aguecheek measures up their foolery that have Sir Toby Belch’s.

Will there be no regard away from lay, individuals, neither amount of time in you? (2.3.91-92) -Malvolio’s indignant question so you can Sir Toby along with his difficult-hanging out crew.

My personal purpose was, actually, a pony of these the color (dos.3.167) -Maria’s response whenever Sir Toby captures to the lady plan to build a trick off Malvolio.

I became adored just after too (dos.3.181) -Poor Sir Andrew Aguecheek’s wistful respond to Sir Toby’s declaration one Maria adores him (Sir Toby, perhaps not Sir Andrew).

She seated such as Determination towards the a monument,Cheerful at sadness (2.cuatro.114-115) -Viola (in her own disguise as the Cesario) tells Orsino a narrative demonstrating the latest constancy of women crazy.

Now could be the newest woodcock close to the gin (dos.5.82) -Fabian’s gleeful remark due to the fact Malvolio registers new page you to Maria dropped getting him discover.

Some are created great, some reach greatness, and some has greatness thrust up on ’em (dos.5.143-144) -Malvolio checks out from the page that Maria wrote. The guy believes it’s about People Olivia and you can thinks your greatness of being the fresh Lady’s husband is going to be provided with so you’re able to your. (After Malvolio repeats (step 3.4.39-43) it range to help you Females Olivia, and towards the end of play the Clown mocks Malvolio because of the recurring (5.1.370-372) they once more.)

5.152-154) -Maria’s page (supposedly on the Ladies Olivia) shows Malvolio to put on technique of stockings and you may garters and that Olivia detests.

O business! just how suitable the indegent should be proud (step 3.step 1.127) -Ladies Olivia, which have failed to wring an excellent confession from love in the beautiful boy, Cesario (Viola in the disguise), states one no less than she’s got absolutely nothing even more to be concerned about, but realizes that she’s grasping from the straws.

step one.156) -The lady Olivia, having stated the girl fascination with Cesario (Viola in the disguise), claims that he ought to like their right back, because the her like was a present.

You’re now sailed to your north away from my lady’s view; for which you often hang like an enthusiastic icicle towards good Dutchman’s mustache (step three.2.24-26) -Fabian, speaking Sir Andrew to the difficult Cesario in order to duel, says to Sir Andrew that he has actually fallen out of the lady Olivia’s choose.

as numerous lies once the usually rest when you look at the thy sheet of paper, while the sheet was in fact large enough on sleep off Ware within the England (3.2.46-48) -Fabian provides Sir Andrew Aguecheek advice for things to setup their page so you can Cesario, to make it safely insulting.

Search, the spot where the youngest wren out of 9 comes (3.2.66-67) -Hence Sir Toby announces brand new access from Maria, who’s an incredibly quick people.

The guy do smile his deal with into more outlines than simply is actually the latest map to the augmentation of one’s Indies (step three.dos.78-80) -Maria’s description off Malvolio’s eager just be sure to generate themselves exciting in order to the girl Olivia.

As to the reasons, this is extremely midsummer madness (step three

I do believe we do know for sure the brand new sweet Roman give (3.4.28) -Malvolio, speaking to the girl Olivia, states which he understands she authored the brand new like-letter, just like the the guy knows the handwriting.

Go, hang yourselves all of the! you’re idle low things: I am not of your own function (3.4.122-123) -Malvolio’s bitter response to the fresh mocking effort of Maria, Fabian, and Sir Toby to look after your, as Female Olivia believes he is went aggravated.

In the event it was in fact played up on a phase now, I am able to condemn it an unlikely fictional (step three.4.126-127) -Fabian expresses his prefer of your own popularity of Maria’s area in order to generate a fool off Malvolio.

Alot more number to have a may day (step 3.4.142) -Sir Toby’s comment on the brand new arrival out-of Sir Andrew Aguecheek, along with his page problematic Cesario so you can a duel.

Still you retain o’ new windy region of the rules (step three.cuatro.163) -Sir Toby’s facetious supplement of Sir Andrew’s page tricky Cesario so you’re able to a beneficial duel.

This youngsters you look for hereI snatch’d one half out-of this new mouth area from death (3.cuatro.359-360) -Antonio, viewing Viola concealed since the Cesario, believes he or she is talking about Sebastian, Viola’s dual.

In general there isn’t any blemish nevertheless mind; Not one is titled misshapen although unkind (step 3.4.367-368) -Antonio’s bitter remarks into ingratitude of your stunning guy just who the guy believes is actually Sebastian.

Consider just who commended thy yellow pantyhose, and desired to find thee previously cross-gartered (dos

get-off thy vain bibble babble (cuatro.dos.96-97) -The brand new Clown, acting as an excellent Welch priest, suggests Malvolio so you can better talking instance an insane son.

For this reason this new whirligig of time brings in his revenges (5.step one.376-377) -The newest Clown’s note in order to Malvolio you to definitely exactly what encircles appear around.